Different Types Of Darknet Markets

darknet1Not all darknet markets are made alike! Did you know that there are all different sorts of dark webmarketplace setups available? Educate yourself about the various types of markets, their features, how secure they are, and check out some examples of each type, all right here.

Centralized Markets

These are the primary type of darknet markets available on the deep web. You’ll be familiar with Silk Road – the most famous of the centralized darknet markets. Thiskind of operations is constructed and maintained in a similar fashion to eBay.

Vendors create dark web marketplace listings for items that they are selling, and buyers can go through and click to order. Vendors pay a fee to the marketfor the service, and all funds are transmitted and held in escrow by the market until sale and delivery are complete.

Centralized markets currently operating include:

  • AlphaBay, which currently is the largest of the darknet markets, in operation.
  • Silk Road 3.0, currently the second biggest darknet market and growing quickly.
  • Dream Market, a highly rated alternative that also has a handy referral system so you can earn Bitcoin for getting friends to sign up with them using your link.
  • Outlaw Market, a smaller marketplace which focuses mainly on the drug trade.
  • CryptoMarket,created and run by the same team from Silk Road 3.

Forum Markets

Forum markets are less of a regulated market, and more just in the style of regular forums. It means each forum may be divided up into categories and subcategories, where either vendors or buyers make posts. The seller and buyer directly arranged all the payment.

Those who are seeking out forum-based darknet markets can check out:

  • RAMP (aka the Russian Anonymous Marketplace), which is the oldest darknet market, and also a Russian-language only spot.
  • The Majestic Garden, which is a forum trading in psychedelics.
  • The Intelligent Black Market, a French forum market, for those who can read French.

Web Shops

As a regular online store, web shops are simply individual sellers who have set up their shops on the deep web. Be careful to do your research on the site that you’re visiting and use these sorts of services at your risk!

Here are some web shops:

  • Doctor Drugs, a vendor from the now defunct Agora marketplace who set up his shop selling, you guessed it, drugs.
  • Gammagoblin, a psychedelics vendor who is also a part of the LSD Avengers space.
  • Mollyworld, a collective of sellers who operate on AlphaBay, and have also opened their shop selling MDMA.

Multi-Signature Markets

Multisig darknet markets are designed to be a more secure way of doing business on centralized darknet markets. 2 of 3 way multisig, which is recommended for market transactions, involve both the buyer and the seller needing two out of three signatures to complete any one transaction. The third signature comes from the overseeing party (the marketplace), in the case of any disputes. Funds can therefore only be released to either the buyer or the seller. It reduces the likelihood of getting scammed.

Remember, even many markets that support multisig don’t offer it by default, so make sure that you enable the feature!

Multisig markets include:

  • AlphaBay, which was previously mentioned before, offers multisig
  • Acropolis Market, an invite only market where it is very easy to set up multisig for all your transactions.
  • Valhalla, which was originally Finnish marketplace, but is now available in English, with multisig.

Decentralized Markets

Decentralized markets work in a similar fashion to a file sharing arrangement – each person contains a piece or pieces of the operation, stored on their computer so that each confirmation is done across a network, not by an overarching body (or marketplace) – meaning there are no fees involved either.

Decentralized markets are still in their infancy, due to the security concerns of downloading software rather than running in the Tor browser – this means that your IP has the potential to be traced, and so people posting illegal items should beware.

Here are some of the decentralized darknet markets getting about:

maxresdefault (4)OpenBazaar, the only “real” and operational decentralizes market currently available, which was recently released and describes itself as a new-wave alternative to places like eBay and Amazon.

The Daemon Market, an Ethereum-based market is in beta, ready for launch shortly, following the pre-sale of shares that will help to complete the marketplace.

The Shadow Project’s Shadow Marketplace Alpha has been released to a few people for testing and is one that many people are eagerly looking forward to the release.

So as you can see, there are manydifferent types of darknet market setups on the dark web to choose from. All have some advantages and disadvantages, just try to make the best decision for you and remember always to be safe and do everything you can to remain anonymous while online.


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