How To Access RAMP (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)

THE SAFE WAY TO ACCESS R.A.M.P. (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)

RAMP, is a well-known market on the deep web. Operating since September 2012 it has already outlived its western rivals – Silk Road(s) and Agora along with many others. It was fortunately unscathed from the FBI’s Operation Onymous in 2014. Furthermore, RAMP has resisted multiple DDoS attacks to make it officially the oldest running darknet market!

It is not quite clear how RAMP survived this long and there are some speculations regarding its longevity. Perhaps it’s got to do with its particular organization regarding payment, delivery, site layout and navigation; perhaps because it’s Russian and it’s always been a delicate issue when it comes to US-Russian affairs… who knows?! Yet, despite (one might say – in spite of) everything – RAMP is still alive and kicking! It’s pretty impressive when you think about it!

Here’s the deal.

Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) is a forum-based market, meaning the RAMP website and the products are not organized into neat categories such as those on eBay, Amazon or any other darknet market; RAMP resembles Craigslist more. So, unlike other marketplaces, it is not possible to say for sure how many listings or vendors there are on RAMP.


What is known, however, is just the classic forum statistic – there are 106,760 members (at the time of writing this short guide); 623,454 posts within 9,606 threads; and approximately 42 posts are being posted each hour. So, it is really not an insignificant community…

What else should you know about RAMP?

Ah yes, it’s not called RUSSIAN Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) for nothing – it mostly caters to Russian costumers (Muscovites mainly), but there are also a number of Ukrainian and Belarus vendors. It’s all in Russian, so if your language is a bit rusty, be sure to polish it before venturing an order on RAMP.

Admin(s) of RAMP goes by the name of Darkside and features Ed Norton’s avatar on his profile. Apparently, he’s a huge fan of Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Niche, Confucius, Freud, and several other prominent thinkers of their time, for various wise quotes paraphrased in Russian are rotating just below the market’s banner. Darkside himself sings each of his posts with one of Einstein’s quotes: “Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

Indeed, the RAMP website is just that – simple, yet not too much as you will notice yourself in a moment.

The RAMP market accepts bitcoins and litecoins as payment methods, and since many transactions happen outside the website, most dealers accept the Russian payment service QIWI.

Another important thing you should know is that any attempt at violence or political talk is not just frown upon on RAMP; it will result in immediate ban. So, keep your language clean!

What if I don’t understand Russian?

If you don’t understand Russian, then I would suggest you head over to darkwebnews and find another darknet market to use. They have a market comparison chart so you can see how the markets are different and also it shows how many listings and how much drugs are on each site. I would recommend using either AlphaBay, Silk Road 3 or Dream Market.

Anyway, let’s get to work and see how to access RAMP.

I. Tools for accessing RAMP

In order to get access to the RAMP marketplace, you first need to ensure your security on the deep web, and for this, you will need to have at least 2 tools.

  1. TOR Browser is necessary to access any website on the deep web. They have different URLs than those you can access with your regular browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. They consist of 16 alpha-semi-numeric characters and .onion ending. These are Tor Network hidden services and can therefore be accessed only via Tor Browser.
    You can download Tor here: 
  1. Decent VPN software is a must when venturing the world of deep web and here is why. Tor, while indispensable to access hidden services, and to ensure relative safety and anonymity of its users, still has its drawbacks. In fact, it is known that there are some holes in Tor Network’s security, and it’s therefore strongly advised to use VPN along with Tor if you really wish to stay anonymous.

There are certain aspects you should consider when choosing a VPN provider that suits your needs, but we won’t go deeper into that at this point; there are plenty of material written on the subject that you can find online. However, has tested most VPNs for use with Tor, which no one else really has done yet.

Before accessing RAMP:

  1. First of all, close all programs that require access to internet, such as Skype, other browsers, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Your IP address may be compromised if you don’t close these programs, and the whole effort would be for nothing.
  2. Secondly, make sure to start your VPN app before Tor Browser. Tor does have its own ways of masking your IP address; but Tor usage is heavily monitored by the authorities, and you don’t wish to give them a pretext to start monitoring YOU specifically. If you start your VPN app first, your IP address will already be masked before Tor, thus increasing your security and anonymity.
  3. Once you start Tor, make sure to leave the default settings as they are, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing; otherwise you may incidentally compromise your own safety, and once again, all effort will go down the drain.

II. How to access RAMP?

The registration process on RAMP is pretty straightforward:

  1. As we mentioned, you need to have the referral URL for RAMP and you can find it in section II, paragraph 2 of this guide.
  2. Make sure you’ve added the website to Whitelist in Tor Browser; otherwise you won’t be able to log in or register an account.

Add this URL: http://ramp2bombkadwvgz.onion


3. When you click on Pегистрация, you’ll be taken to a page with Forum Rules and you’ll need to comply with them in order to continue with the registration process.2


4. Now, when filling in your personal info, it would be a good idea to have these points on your mind:

a. Choose a completely new username; something you’ve never used before and            something that won’t be linkable to you should anyone wish to track you                  down.

b.  The same goes for your passphrase; make sure it’s strong, so be creative –                     complicate it as much as you can!

c.  You will have to enter your email and decipher an especially challenging                   captcha.


5. After this you will be taken to a rather flashy RAMP Homepage.

It’s as simple as that!

    III. Browsing and shopping on RAMP

Since RAMP is a forum-like market, placing an order on RAMP is somewhat different than it is on other markets.

Certain RAMP vendors have their own threads within the forum, kind of like their own shops and you can simply post within their thread and the vendor will message you directly.

This basically means that the payment is often done off site, which may sound somewhat alarming for those of you who are used to the escrow payment system. Many times the delivery is done in person – the item is left somewhere in the public place for the costumer to pick it up.

No matter how primitive it may sound -it’s working and for years now! An additional upside to this organization (besides its simplicity) is that it ensures that admins of the market don’t wield too much power over your life, i.e. bitcoins. Plus, according to users’ reviews that can be found online, admins are quite efficient when it comes to banning scammers.

RAMP – Large Assortment of Goodies

You will find quite a range of items on the shelves; what you will NOT find however are weapons, child pornography, stolen credit cards and hacking services, counterfeit documents.

So, RAMP is more or less a drug-related market, and what can be noticed is that there are more light-drug listings than opiates, which is a bit surprising considering the popularity of opiates on other markets. Regarding heroin, its quality ranges from medium to low, according to one of the customers.

For The Vendors Reading

The above mentioned sellers are charged $300/month to have their own private sections of the forum; others pay even higher fees – up to $700 to have their banner and flashing images of their most profitable goods. Vendors that sell the most profitable drugs, such as coke, hashish and amphetamines, are charged a fixed $1000 monthly fee for each drug from this exclusive list.

And these are the basics you need to know about RAMP. If you feel that we’ve left out something from this short guide, feel free to contribute in the comments section.

Disclaimer: We feel it as our duty to warn people against any illegal activities conducted on any of the darknet markets. We have no intention with this article to encourage anyone to take actions that could result in their conflict with the law. The purpose of this article is strictly informational.