User’s Guide To Buying On RAMP

A few intro words about RAMP

There will be a number of before’s in this short guide, mainly because accessing and purchasing from RAMP implies a lot of prerequisites. So let us start with our first “before.”

Disclaimer: Before you decide to visit and buy anything on Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP), it is our duty to warn you against any illegal activity. This is a strictly informational article, and we are NOT encouraging anybody to engage in any actions that could result in their conflict with the law.

RAMP History

Russian Anonymous Marketplace(RAMP), despite being radically different from any other marketplace you’ve used to, RAMP is one of the most popular bazaars on the Darknet. In fact, RAMP is the oldest operational marketplace, having survived many misfortunes that have befallen its competitor markets (here we mean of course the multiple DDoS attack attempts, the FBI’s Operation Onymous, etc.).

RAMP Admin(s)

RAMP is run since September 2012 by the admin who calls himself conveniently – Darkside and appears behind Edward Norton’s avatar.


Not much is known about the mysterious Darkside. What is known however is that apparently he’s a huge fan of Sciences – Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. Each of his posts that can be found online is signed with one of Einstein’s quotes – “Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” Another hint is his website – directly below the banner, there are various quotes in Russian from wise thinkers, such as Freud, Mark Twain, Niche, Confucius, etc.

What’s more, before you register your account on RAMP you are duly notified that no vulgar or violent language will be tolerated and that any political talk will result in immediate banishment from the market, which also reflects some of Darkside’s beliefs (it is not really known whether he’s a fan of Ross Ulbricht or not, who also had some of his beliefs distinctly pointed out across his market, such as his openly liberal general beliefs and his adamant decision not to sell guns or children pornography).

RAMP Customers

The whole market is in Russian, and if you’re not well-versed in this language stick to the usual marketplaces for your safety and convenience. But despite being an exclusively Russian market, RAMP also caters to Ukrainian and Belarus “audience.” Still the main body of costumers comes from Moscow.


The whole marketplace is organized, as we said in the beginning, differently than any other market. Meaning that there are no neat categories where you can easily find what you are looking for; no standardized payment method such as escrow system; no rating system for vendors or goods…

Sounds strange? Yes, we thought so as well; but the fact is that the system that functions here – functions well enough for hundreds of users and years now!

So, what is this organization like then?

First of all, RAMP is a forum-based marketplace, and being such – there is no way of knowing how many listings there are on the offer or how many vendors. The only known thing is the usual forum statistics.


Being a forum-based market,RAMP is actually very similar to Craigslist, so don’t expect to find anything like eBay or Amazon…

Besides accepting bitcoins and litecons, vendors on RAMP usually accept the Russian payment service QIWI.

So, what’s it like to purchase something on RAMP? Let’s see…

Things you need to know first:

Before anything you need to register an account on RAMP and for this you need a few indispensable tools to maintain your privacy and stay on the safe side. This section pertains to all marketplaces on the Deep Web.

  1. Tor Browser
  2. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Now, if you are already familiar with Darknet, you understand why you need both, and you can proceed to the next section.


If you’re a first-timer in these waters, let us elaborate on this shortly:

All Darknet Markets are part of the Tor Network Hidden Services. As such, they have a slightly different URL than those you are used to seeing – it consists of 16 alpha-semi-numeric characters and can only be opened with – yup, Tor Browser.

Tor Network has its ways of protecting you online; however, according to recent reports, there have been some problems with its exit nodes which resulted in the massive IP addresses leakage. There is also the fact that Tor usage is thoroughly monitored by the LE, so that’s another reason that Tor Browser is no longer enough to protect your identity online.

The ideal solution would be to connect to a VPN server before you even turn on your Tor Browser!

And here’s a tricky part – it is of utmost importance to opt for the most secure VPN provider on the market. Seeing that there are hundreds of them, each of them with its security boons, we won’t delve much deeper into the issue. You can, however, find an extensive list of the best-acknowledged VPNs on where you can learn what the most important features are that a reliable VPN app should provide to its users, they are also the only place I found where they test them with Tor.

Register an account on RAMP

Before you proceed to register an account on the RAMP (yes, we are fully aware that there are a lot of before’s. But, that’s a small price for your safety, don’t you think?!) Make sure you follow these 3 points:

  • Close all applications that require internet access – so, Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive, anything. Otherwise, you are at risk of accidentally exposing your IP address.
  • Just a reminder – start the VPN BEFORE Tor Browser.
  • Last, but not least –don’t mess with Tor’s default settings! This is an imperative especially if you are not sure what you are doing.

Now that we have taken care of these prerequisites, it is finally time to go on a shopping spree on RAMP!

URL for accessing the Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) is http://ramp2bombkadwvgz.onion. Go to.


2. Add the website to Tor’s White list. If you don’t, you won’t be allowed to access it, register an account and ultimately – shop.


3. Click Pегистрация and simply accept the forum rules.


4. The next step requires that you enter your personal information. Make sure that you opt for something you have never used before and that can never be linked to you. The same goes for your passphrase. (Do your homework and read how the founder of the first and the largest ever Darknet Market was caught in the end!)

5. To complete the registration process, you will have to enter your e-mail address and fill in a captcha (which looks a bit challenging). DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. Make a fake one somewhere that DOES NOT trace back to you. Don’t be stupid.

6. You have now registered your account on RAMP, and you’re automatically forwarded to the RAMP homepage, which is full of ads and flashing images and banners.


Buying on RAMP

Items on the shelves

RAMP is a drug marketplace, so you will not find any guns and porn here, which is not that unusual for any respectable market; what IS unusual is that all hacking services are also banished from the market, as well as stolen or counterfeit credit cards and documents.

So, the Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP)offers drugs, and mainly light-drugs. There are of course vendors who sell hard drugs, such as opiates; but to be allowed to sell these, vendors have to pay a higher fee.

For example, vendors are charged $300 per month for having their private section of the forum (their shop). To advertise their assortment with their banner and flashing images on the homepage, they have to pay up to $700 a month. Some drugs are more profitable than the others (such as cocaine, hashish, and amphetamines) and to be allowed to sell these, vendors pay up to $1000 a month for each drug from this exclusive list.

Placing an order on RAMP

We have mentioned that you won’t find categories of items on this marketplace; so how can you buy anything here…?

Well, some RAMP vendors have their dedicated space on the forum – their threads or little shops if you will. Here they list their goods, and you can simply write a post on their thread saying what you are interested in or just saying “Hello!”

The RAMP vendor can then contact you, and you can arrange the deal.

By the way, this is the only way to contact a vendor here – by allowing him to contact you first.

And here lies the uniqueness of RAMP – because of THIS organization, most transactions and deliveries happen outside the marketplace! Of course, this is possible because the marketplace caters to very select regions – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus; it is as of recently that more and more Westerners turn to RAMP.

But despite this… a somewhat banal organization, the system works, because according to some users’ reports the admins are quick to react when it happens to come to a fraud, and the fraudster gets banished from the marketplace in no time.

This concludes this short guide. We hope you found it useful and if there is anything you would like to add (or remove), feel free to share – we are more than happy to receive new information about the Deep Web from our readers.

In the meantime…

… happy shopping!